Thursday, January 14, 2010

Introduction - Every Journey starts with a first step


Hello to everybody.  It is probable that if you are reading these lines you are interested in alternative economic systems, in the advancement of the human condition, in social justice, or simply in people in general.

My name is Pablo Martín Podhorzer, and I am a Sociologist and a kind of Economist, in the tradition of old Political Economists.

As you have guessed after reading these lines, English is not my mother tongue.  However, I will make my best to write in an informed, entertaining and engaging way.  After all, this is not simply science or a hobby.  It is what I (and many others) consider as a possible solution for the problems that affect our world.

First things first.  What is the purpose of this blog? Well, I thought of it as a companion in my journey of discovery about all things related to Market Socialism, a socio-economic system which will be designed, implemented and enhanced by many progressive scientists around the world.  This means that all literature available about the subject needs to be cataloged, investigated, and dissected, all the avenues of knowledge needs to be followed, and all kinds of ideas discussed, even the ones that at first we considered to be outrageous, impossible or naive.  We are talking about taking the world's future in our hands.  Why should we be spartan about it?

I will start these first posts by discussing articles that I read about Market Socialism (which will become MarkSoc for the sake of brevity  -and a kind of orwellist marketing).  When possible I will publish a detailed bibliography, slowly building the shared corpse of knowledge that will gave us the tools to change the world.  All topical comments will be welcomed, all discussions encouraged.  Building is the key.

So lets start, I hope that in the end a phantom will not be running through the world, but a well defined entity of hope, a former Utopia which descended from the world of ideas towards our everyday life, thus we will be able to look back and tell our children and grandchildren that we did it, we gave our kind another go at having the best possible life.

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