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Accumulated Glossary and Bibliography


BI - Basic Income. 

ED - Economic Democracy, system designed by David Schweickart.
I - Investment.
KOF - Capital Owned Firm.
LMF - Labour Managed Firm.  
marksoc - Market Socialism
(pure) marksoc - Pure Market Socialism (Vanek, Ward).  Free market of good and services with competition between cooperative companies, capital is not controlled by the State.
MAW - Maximum Allowable Personal Wealth (R. George)

S - Savings.
UGI - Universal Guaranteed Income (R. George)
woc-marksoc - "Worker-Owned Companies" Market Socialism

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Bibliography from articles ("the Utopia List"):
   Here I will include bibliography that appeared in the articles utilized to write my posts, but that I still haven´t got to use.  With time, these items will be copied to the upper section (meaning that they have been read, analyzed, and discussed).  In the end I hope that all existent articles about Market Socialism can be found in this page and constitute a more or less complete reference list about the subject.  If my blog comes to nothing, the least I can do is to compile a list of material for other people to make Utopian dreams come true.

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Still Not In Proper Order, will be shortly:

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